As each day marches forward, one after another, the stories of our lives are drawn out across the pages of the universe. Each day a unique and precious part of our overall arching lives. Each day a single page that holds intrinsic value to the life as a whole. Together they form a single, epic tale, apart they are adrift in the storm.

These are the stories that are designed to be bound together forever. Handcrafted binding wrapped in luxuriant leathers, opulent metallics, or striking animal textures with elegant papers and embossed covers put the finishing on each unique creation. To preserve your story, each album arrives in a coordinating preservation box of the same martial to serve as protection to your story within and visual beauty while waiting to be enjoyed.

Whether nestled into a bookshelf, stashed privately among your most precious belongs, or placed on display for the world to enjoy, unwrapping this album is an experience you'll savor time and time again.