Use these tips, tricks, and guides to make this Portrait Session a day to remember!

Packing everything can be overwhelming so here's a little list for you:

(Screenshot this list and check off as you pack each item)

Main Wardrobe?

Tops/Bottoms; Jackets/Blazers; Dresses...

Proper Undergarments

strapless Bra; seamless nude bra; shapewear...


Pocket squares; Ties/Bowties; Jewelry; Hats...

Favorite Makeup/ Hair Accessory

Gel; Lipstick Shade; Hair clip


Diploma; Special Mug; laptop; Notebook...


  • Clean and press clothing in advance. A steamer is available for touchups.
  • Family shoot? Choose one lead person (typically Mom) to bring all outfits and accessories at the start of the shoot. If something is left, the last person to leave home is able bring it when it's their turn.
  • Make sure all buttons are present and no wear or tears are apparent.

Hair & Makeup:

(Great for everyone!)

Your personal hair and makeup stylist will have you all taken care of, but here are some tips & tricks that will be handy to know/have.

  • Stick to your normal beauty routine. Don't do anything radical two weeks before, such as getting a spray tan or radical hair color change. Facials, fillers, and botox within one week prior are also smart to avoid.
  • Make sure to touch up your roots and/or consult with your stylist about hair extensions. 
  • Tend to your manicure/pedicure. When choosing a color, choose a color that compliments your complexion. Choose something that blends for a subtle look and something opposite for a vivid look.
  • Clean hair with a little grit holds styles best. Typically washing the night before is perfect.
  • Arrive with clean, moisturized skin (or whatever your normal morning routine is). No makeup. 

Best Advice Yet....

Relax & Have some fun!

Remember, you hired a classically trained artist with over 20 years of experience.

It's my passion and you'e in very capable, loving hands.

I can't wait! - Love, Sarah


"Sarah was absolutely the best to work with. My husband & I have had professional photos taken before; but Sarah went way above all of our expectations. Her work is exceptional, but her unique & vibrant personality brings out everyone’s smile & lightens the air in the room which makes everyone come to life in their photos." -Melissa Hagen

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