A Local Business, a Friend.

With Golden Eve Photography, you're hiring more than a camera, you're gaining a friend. Together we talk, get to know each other, and laugh. My job is to celebrate you and that job is all inclusive. It's a position that is filled with experience, knowledge, and know how. You have a value-filled friend on your side, here to design art customized to your family, your home, and your vision.

Genuine quality, honesty, and connection are key values for Golden Eve Photography. By hiring my company, you're a hiring local. You're hiring people who know what it means to be parents, spouses, and family. We are you and we work hard to keep your art as locally made as possible.

Modern gray living room with two large framed portraits on the wall of young family with one boy child

A Christian, Wife, and Mom.

Each of us have titles that we are proud of. For me, the three at the top are my proudest. Of course, there are some I'm not proud of at all. However, it's these successes, and flaws, that create in each of us such a unique and beautiful story.

I was born in New Orleans and raised on the Westbank. ~ I spent five years at Nicholls State University where I eventually graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art (photography) and a minor in Art History. I also hold a second bachelors and accompanying minor. - Traveling has been a lifelong passion for me and so far, I've had the immense pleasure of visiting France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and England. With luck, these will only be the beginning.

My husband and I had the unique pleasure of meeting on Tinder (of all places) and in 2020, we made six years together. He may be the source of my developing insanity, but I wouldn't have him any other way. Relaxing as a family is a favorite past time of ours, however, to our precocious toddler, the word alone is the equivalent to a death sentence (Relax? *GASP* NEVER!) ~ Growing up my grandfather was my best friend and often times, my secret ally against Mom. He'd sneak me extra dinner rolls under the kitchen table and teach me how to make fires with a magnifying glass and newspaper. It was good times. As an adult, I can now see the impact he had on not only my life, but also my personality. - Learning about people, hearing their stories, and seeing a different way of life sends my heart soaring. - If I had a special super power, it would be sticking my foot in my mouth (promise I wash them daily), however, I still love talking to and meeting new people. It's these stories that we carry inside us that have lead me to create this company and place authenticity at its core. - If you'd like to know more about me, my company, or our values, shoot me an email and I'll get back as soon as possible.

Love always, Sarah

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