Hey, guys!

Welcome to the blog. I'm so happy to have this chance to talk to ya'll. Photography has been a passion since my childhood. Because of that, I grew up watching our school photographer and questioning what I didn't know. As I grew, I convinced myself that I couldn't sell or run a business. After years in a 9-5, I finally had enough. In January of 2019 I opened my doors and since then, it's been a steady stream of books, conferences, course, and more. Each step allowing me to provide a better experience and product for you. I learned recently that it's not what makes me better, but what makes me different that is fascinating. It's time that I shared me with you and more facts that I hope you find useful, interesting, and fascinating.

Welcome to Golden Eve Photography, a business with a heart, passion, and love. A place where I capture not only a pretty pose or outfit, but also the person & the soul within. From our eve to our golden years, we are perfectly, and beautifully, imperfect and we each have our own story to tell. I'm here to help you share that story.

Sibling Love

Sibling Love

The first family shoot to grace the blog!

Location: New Orleans City Park.