Self-image is the most important image in the world. Give yourself endorphins each time you see your portrait.

Woman in black lace bustier lays on her back across a dark orange velvet blanket with one arm over her head
Black and white silhouette of woman sitting in a chair arching back provocatively while her hair drops down her arms
woman looks over her bare shoulder gazing out from the darkness with crystal blue eyes. she wears a strand of pearls


"Absolutely love [Sarah Dickerson Portraits]. These memories will last us a lifetime and we'll always cherish them."


What if I don't wear much lingerie?

Not a problem! We'll have you well prepared with everything you need. With expert guidance, you'll look and feel confident in your own skin! As an aside, the woman in the testimonial was wearing a sheet and sexy is in the eyes of the beholde. You've got this!

I don't know what to do, what to wear, how to stand.....

I hear your anxiety. It's a lot of pressure, but fear not. You'll never be left alone. Each portrait experience begins in your home (your closet to be specific). You and I meet there to design a flattering and cohesive wardrobe.
My team of professional artisans are responsible for your hair and makeup. And, finally, I am responsible for expert guidance in posing. All of this culminating in intimate and authentic portraits of you! We have you covered.

But what if I'm an older woman/had children/ any other objections?

You are still a queen holding that crown at 104. Most of my clients are mother's (as am I), embrace those scars. "Sexy is a mindset," and my job is to have you feeling just that when we finish.
Unsure you have what it takes? See above.

Do you have a question that I didn't answer here?

Feel free to call me. I'm always happy to chat! (504) 919-9888.