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The 'Why'

As a child, my grandfather was my best friend. We'd sit watching strangers pass by, busy in their lives. Frequently, he’d trigger my intense shyness by saying, “Hi” to one. Without fail, they’d strike up a conversation, laugh, then part ways back on their individual journeys. The stories he’d tell me of his own adventures were captivating and kept me in awe for hours. He was my best buddy and I was his shadow.

Family Photograph of a baby girl sleeping in her grandfathers arms

I was cleaning out his home after his passing and discovered boxes upon boxes of printed 4x6s, photo albums, more of him and my grandmother climbing the Great Wall of China, my grandmother at the age of 6 in 1932, my father in his high school cap and gown, and so many more iconic moments in their lives. I took my favorites and scattered them throughout my home. When I’m especially missing him, I’ll pull one down, give it a soft kiss and a tight hug then close my eyes imagining that he is standing next to me, calling me “Weeze” (short for Louise, my middle name) with his hand on my shoulder. 

My grandfather taught me many things in his infinite wisdom, but the most important was to talk to the stranger. The prints I have from him are infinitely precious and the curiosity of strangers has transformed into a great talent.

This is my story and it’s importance to me goes beyond words. My studio lives to tell your stories. To listen with respect and wonder then create a portrait that is a living testament for you to cherish for years to come. Each moment is a new adventure. Each adventure a story to be told. Tell me your story and let’s create a piece that will blow you away each time you take it into your hands. 

What our Clients are Saying

Formal family photograph with the family dogs

Jonée F. - New Orleans, La.

We had a wonderful experience taking family photos with Sarah. Not only are her photos gorgeous she also schedules hair and make up and very organized and a hard worker!
Professional black mature woman headshot

Monica Pierre- New Orleans, La.

From the moment I engaged with Sarah for my photoshoot, I was met with an unparalleled level of professionalism and creativity. What truly impressed me was how Sarah took the time in advance of the photoshoot to thoroughly understand the story I wanted to tell.

The result was beyond my expectations - the photographs weren't just aesthetically pleasing; they were visual narrations of my story....


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